Gatwick UV Treatment of Security Trays


Published on Thursday, September 17, 2020

Gatwick rolls out UV treatment of security trays to fight spread of Covid-19

Gatwick has become the first airport in the UK to roll out an ultraviolet disinfecting security tray treatment to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Following a one-month trial on a single security lane in July 2020, with laboratory tests demonstrating a 99.9% microbe disinfection rate, it will be rolled out on eight lanes in Gatwick’s North Terminal – six for passengers and two for staff – by the end of this month.

The technology sees each tray pass through a covered ‘UV-tunnel’ fixed underneath the hand luggage screening system, as trays exit the scanners, so that every tray is treated immediately before each passenger uses it.

The system uses short-wavelength UV-C light, which laboratory tests show is effective against coronaviruses, including Covid-19 and SARS, as the radiation warps the structure of their genetic material and prevents the viral particles from replicating.

The UV-C light is completely contained within a covered unit designed to safety standards, ensuring no risk of exposure to either passengers or staff.

Gatwick and other airports have already deployed other anti-viral systems, such as coatings sprayed on to trays, however this protection dissipates over time whereas this new system treats every tray just before use – ensuring maximum protection and a reduced risk of passing on infection.

Gatwick Chief Operating Officer Adrian Witherow said: “This new system has proven itself to be extremely reliable and provides a really high degree of reassurance as every single passenger and staff member using the system will have a tray that has only just been disinfected.

“As an airport, we will continue to explore innovative health solutions like this that reduce the spread of coronaviruses and other infections.

“The system goes above and beyond the guidelines and we will continue to do everything we can to help reassure our passengers that flying is still a great travelling experience and that the health measures we have in place are effective and easy to follow.”

Article taken from Travelmole on 17/09/20

News Update regarding online companies

Re-Written Arron Mitchell 😊.. and shared from my travel buddies ..

Love Holidays and On The Beach Holidays have both withdrawn from ABTA, which essentially means they can refuse to give you a refund even if the Foreign Office advises against travel  to your chosen destination!!

“Thomas Cook”  are now back ‘trading”….  To make this clear they are not a tour operator but an online travel agent.

They are owned by a Chinese company Fosun International They don’t have their own airline like previously,  they don’t own hotels, or stores etc….they are just an online agent.

Just wanted to clarify who they are in case you see the brand around… that most agents will have no dealings with them Fosun are a Chinese business that are also behind other businesses and a major premier league football club.

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Be Aware – On The Beach are no longer ABTA

ON THE BEACH are no longer ABTA protected
In simple terms this means that they will not be refunding any holidays even if the FCO advise against travel!!
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Online travel companies can change policies at any time, cut off their consumer phone lines and ignore emails, becoming totally unreachable.
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Copied post 16/09/20