Who’s on time

Most Punctual Airlines

Hawaii might be famous for a laid back approach to life but when it comes to punctuality, Hawaiian Airlines has the best timekeeping in the world.

New stats published Wednesday by UK travel analysts OAG reveal that last year 89.87% of the Hawaiian carrier’s flights arrived or departed within 15 minutes of their scheduled time, making travelers’ alohas that much quicker
Hawaii Airlines is one of 2016’s success stories, having shot up the scoreboard from ninth place to the top slot over the last 12 months.
The flag carriers of Panama and the Netherlands, Copa Airlines and KLM, placed second and third this year, while Australian carrier Qantas, in fourth place, was the best-placed airline in the Asia-Pacific region.
The largest airline to make the top 20 in OAG’s list was Delta Airlines, with a ranking of 84% — a “remarkable achievement,” says OAG, for an airline operating such a huge number of flights.

Most Punctual Airports

Surabaya in Indonesia ranked top for large airports with 90.30%.
The UK is home to the winners of the best-performing medium airport — Birmingham (91.28%) — and small airport, Newcastle