Maggie Visits the A380

I went to Birmingham Airport  courtesy of JTA and Emirates for a special behind the scenes visit. We visited the fabulous Emirates lounge at Birmingham Airport and had a very tasty dinner, a good choice of starters, main courses, deserts and nibbles. There is a very generous self serves bar including Moet if you want an alcoholic drink.

The purpose of our visit was to go on board the Emirates A380 aircraft, we had a very small window of opportunity from it landing to being cleaned and the new passengers and  crew coming on board. It is absolutely huge, there were 3 passenger bridges going on to the aircraft. We started our tour upstairs where there are economy seats at the front with business class at the back. This is a two class aircraft based at Birmingham. There is a lot of space, the ceilings are higher the air circulation is better so you should feel better after your flight. Business Class is as one would expect with the fully reclining seats so you can go to sleep lying down. There is a bar at the back of Business Class if you  feel you want to stretch your legs and socialise at the same time.

The economy cabin downstairs is split into sections with a seat configuration of 3 4 3, the rows of seats go on forever! In Business class the seats have the 21 inch Ice Digital Widescreen TV with over 2,500 channels of on demand entertainment, with 500 films from around the world. Even sports and business headlines updated regularly via Satellite and Wi-Fi  internet access. The economy TV’s are smaller at 13.3 inches but still the same channels.

Seat Pitches are generous too,  Business Class 87-88-inch seat pitch and economy is 32-33 inches, the aircraft accommodates just over  600 passengers to give you an idea of size.

I am pleased I managed my quick visit on board  as a many of my clients really like flying on the A380 and I look forward to flying on an A380 myself one day. Vicki and Jane have both flown economy and Business Class. The experience in Business Class was exceptional with outstanding food,drink and service.