USA Limit Powder on Flights

The ABTA Destinations team have been advised that effective 30 June, passengers travelling on flights to the USA will be subject to hand baggage checks for powdered substances in packages 12 ounces/350ml or more, at the security screening checkpoint.

This is as a result of the Transportation Security Administration limiting the size of packages containing powders in carry-on bags of travellers entering the United States.

Medically prescribed powder-like substances and baby formula 12 ounces/340 grams or larger are exempt and may be transported in the cabin of the aircraft, provided that any sealed containers are inspected for signs of alteration or tampering to the packaging and containers that are unsealed are inspected to ensure that the contents are consistent with the container/packaging.

Passengers will be able to purchase packages of powdered substance such as coffee in excess of 12 ounces/340 grams post-security. Passengers with connecting flights who purchase powdered substances post security must place the item(s) in their checked bags at the point of connection prior to going through security or if the items are placed in security tamper-evident bags at the store of purchase at the airport, they may proceed with the item in their carry-on luggage. This is similar to the existing procedure with liquids, aerosols and gels.

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Carrying powders in your hand baggage. Restrictions on powders you can bring into the cabin. 

From 30th June 2018, there’ll be a limit to the amount of powder you can take in your hand baggage on flights to the USA. This includes things like protein powders, talc, laundry powder and Bisto.

For security reasons, if you want to take any powder products larger than 350ml (12oz, 340g), they’ll need to go in your checked baggage – you can’t take them onboard with you.

If you buy any duty free powder products at the airport over the 350ml (12oz, 340g) limit, make sure they put them in a tamper proof sealed bag for you (you’ll be fine with your favourite face powder from Mac, as they’re only about 10g).

There are some exceptions:
•Travelling with your baby – you can bring along their baby formula
•Travelling with human remains – with the relevant death certificate
•Powered medication over 350ml (12oz, 340g) – with a letter from your medical practitioner