Tour of USA Highly Recommended

So it all started with an innocent “could we go to New York for a few days for my 21st?” from my daughter, and ended up as a fantastic trip to 6 places in 18 days and flying upper class on Virgin Atlantic.

I uttered the immortal words, I would love to turn left as I get on the plane just once!! So we did it twice there and back and now I am spoilt for life.

We loved everywhere we went but adored Washington and Orlando and would go back in a heartbeat. Great itinerary put together by Maggie meant we got to see all the sights on the East Coast that we could fit in.

Strangest moment was the NYPD arresting our taxi driver on the way to Penn Station, and us and our luggage on the sidewalk to make the rest of the way on foot. Could only happen to us!

Funniest was reading the room service menu at the Loews hotel in Miami and finding a page dedicated to room service for dogs and cats, with specially named treats and pet photos. Only in America!

The devastation of the hurricanes last year can still be seen in some places in the Florida Keys but the new buildings are beautiful pastel colours which add to the laid back vibe.

No trip to America is complete without a trip to Disney and even at 21, there was the obligatory photo with Mickey.

The food and service were fantastic, new family favourite dish is fish tacos.

There is no doubt that the success of the trip was down to the great knowledge and advice and organisation by Maggie and the team at the Travel Wallet.

Highly recommended.